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Article Reference: ‘Disabling Imagery and the Media’ by Colin Barnes

P.12. ‘the disabled person is assigned super human almost magical abilities.’ P.12. ‘disabled individuals, especially children, are praised excessively for relatively ordinary achievements’ P12. ‘Daniel Day Lewis -an able-bodied actor.’ – when they cast able bodied actors to play people with impairments.’ P.13. ‘colleges have not recruited disabled students for the acting profession.’ – mayContinue reading “Article Reference: ‘Disabling Imagery and the Media’ by Colin Barnes”

Book Reference: ‘Design Meets Disability’ by Graham Pullin

This has been the MOST helpful resource so far. Pullin so distinctly draws on the impact that technology has on our identity and how other more established technologies clearly changes the way society sees them. E.g. ‘eyewear’ as the prime example. After reading this, I feel much more confident with the area that I amContinue reading “Book Reference: ‘Design Meets Disability’ by Graham Pullin”

Book Reference: ‘Technics and Time, 1: The Fault of Epimetheus’ by Bernard Stiegler

P.1. ‘two classes of body: the inorganic [is] non-living, inanimate, inert; the organic [is] what breathes, feeds, and reproduces; it [is] “inevitably doomed to die”‘ P.2. ‘To these two regions of beings correspond two dynamics: mechanics and biology.’ P.7. ‘The modern age is essentially that of modern technics.’ P.22. ‘To become conscious of contemporary technicalContinue reading “Book Reference: ‘Technics and Time, 1: The Fault of Epimetheus’ by Bernard Stiegler”

Book Reference: ‘The Book of Humans’ by Adam Rutherford

P.23. ‘Very nearly nothing we do, artistic, creatively, or obviously scientific, could exist without technology underpinning it.’ Technology being a broad term. But the reliance on it is mega. P.23. ‘We are animal whose entire culture and existence is completely dependent upon tools’ P.32. ‘Generally we don’t have to invent the same technology over andContinue reading “Book Reference: ‘The Book of Humans’ by Adam Rutherford”

Article Reference: ‘Technology and Social Futures’ by Gerrard Goggin

This article has been very helpful in specifically examining the role that technology plays in the lives of those who use it for medical needs. Through reading this I have learned some of the limitations that technology possesses and how the organisations that make the pieces of technology can sometimes fail to understand how theContinue reading “Article Reference: ‘Technology and Social Futures’ by Gerrard Goggin”

Article Reference: The Horror of Humour’ by Eric. D Olson

This is just a few quotes from this article, mainly about dehumanisation and what it means to dehumanise. Its related to the effect that this has on humour but it’s also relevant as a concept – I will be looking at the part technology plays in dehumanising people. Olson, E. N.D. The Horror of Humour:Continue reading “Article Reference: The Horror of Humour’ by Eric. D Olson”

Article Reference: ‘Narratives of Disability and the Movement from Deficiency to Difference’ by Caroline Gray

Gray, Caroline. “Narratives of Disability and the Movement from Deficiency to Difference.” Cultural Sociology 3.2 (2009): 317-32. Web. P.317. ‘redefines disability as a difference rather than a deficiency. Instead In the last several decades, disabled people, disability rights activists, and their supporters have introduced an alternative way of thinking about disability, one that redefines disabilityContinue reading “Article Reference: ‘Narratives of Disability and the Movement from Deficiency to Difference’ by Caroline Gray”

Online Reference: ‘The Bombing of Rafah’ By

Explaining the methodology: ‘Because social media tends to strip images of their original metadata, including time and location, FA had to piece together this information by studying elements within the image, such as shadows and the shape of bomb clouds, to locate each image in time and space and compose a narrative of the day.‘Continue reading “Online Reference: ‘The Bombing of Rafah’ By”

Book Reference: ‘McLuhan for Beginners’ by W. Terrence Gordon

This next book is one I have read before in preparation for writing about the imposition of technology on human identity in the form of mobile phones and insulin pumps. I thoroughly enjoyed writing that essay and this book made it really easy for me to understand McLuhan’s work and apply it to my own.Continue reading “Book Reference: ‘McLuhan for Beginners’ by W. Terrence Gordon”

Book Reference: ‘Understanding Media’ by Marshall McLuhan

I thought it might be a good idea to start writing about books that are informing my practice. The one that i’ve been reading most recently and has informed my practice for quite some time is Understanding Media by Marshall McLuhan. In previous years however, I have read only books that give descriptions about whatContinue reading “Book Reference: ‘Understanding Media’ by Marshall McLuhan”