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Online Reference: ‘The Bombing of Rafah’ By

Explaining the methodology: ‘Because social media tends to strip images of their original metadata, including time and location, FA had to piece together this information by studying elements within the image, such as shadows and the shape of bomb clouds, to locate each image in time and space and compose a narrative of the day.

‘Before’ and ‘after’ images were used to assess changes in site condition at attack sites under analysis. The ‘before’ satellite image served as a baseline from which any disturbance to the natural or built-up environment may be identified in the ‘after’ image.

Three satellite images were used in this project, dated 30 July, 1 August and 14 August. Each image extends westward from the Gaza-Egypt border to encompass central Rafah and was captured around 11.39am. The 1 August image, in particular, captures a moment only two and a half hours after the ceasefire collapsed, during the peak of the Israeli bombardment.’


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