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Article Reference: ‘Disabling Imagery and the Media’ by Colin Barnes

P.12. ‘the disabled person is assigned super human almost magical abilities.’

P.12. ‘disabled individuals, especially children, are praised excessively for relatively ordinary achievements’

P12. ‘Daniel Day Lewis -an able-bodied actor.’ – when they cast able bodied actors to play people with impairments.’

P.13. ‘colleges have not recruited disabled students for the acting profession.’ – may be the reason that able bodied people are cast.

P.13. ‘Similar themes abound in news stories about disabled people’s achievements -either extra-ordinary or managing to fit into a ‘normal life”

P.13. ‘This triumph over tragedy approach conveniently excludes the central point that disability is a social issue which cannot be addressed by misplaced sentimentality over individual impairments’

P.13. ‘The negative psychological implications for the majority struggling to cope in a largely hostile
environment are clear.’

P.13. ‘Finally, by emphasising the extra-ordinary achievements of disabled individuals like Christy Brown the media implies that the experiences of’ ordinary’ people -disabled or otherwise -are unimportant and irrelevant. Hence non disabled people view super cripples as unrepresentative of the disabled community as a whole and the gulf between the two groups remains as wide as ever.’


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