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Article Reference: The Horror of Humour’ by Eric. D Olson

This is just a few quotes from this article, mainly about dehumanisation and what it means to dehumanise. Its related to the effect that this has on humour but it’s also relevant as a concept – I will be looking at the part technology plays in dehumanising people.

Olson, E. N.D. The Horror of Humour: Tension, Dehumanisation and Related Observations [Online] Available at <; [Accessed 09 April 2015]

P.8. ‘Before I step further into this analysis, it is important to discuss dehumanization. In order
to “humanize” an object or animal under my definition, one must apply human standards or human
conditions to said object or animal.’

P.8. ‘The desire to wear clothing is a uniquely human characteristic. It comes not only from a societal requirement, but from the necessity to remain warm in inclement weather’

P.9. ‘In the opposite process, dehumanization, the original subject is a human being. The object of one who dehumanizes another is to decrease that person’s humanity, thus negatively moving the person.

P.9. ‘To humanize, one applies human conditions or standards; to dehumanize, one removes some of what are generally known as intrinsic human traits, such as dignity or liberty.’

P.9. ‘I contend, for the purpose of this paper, that all humans possess dignity through their self-determination.


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