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Book Reference: ‘The Book of Humans’ by Adam Rutherford

P.23. ‘Very nearly nothing we do, artistic, creatively, or obviously scientific, could exist without technology underpinning it.’ Technology being a broad term. But the reliance on it is mega.

P.23. ‘We are animal whose entire culture and existence is completely dependent upon tools’

P.32. ‘Generally we don’t have to invent the same technology over and over again’

P.32. ‘We are witnessing an ability to deliberately manipulate external objects for specific purpose.’

P.39. ‘A tool is an external object manipulated as a purposeful extension of the user’s body’

P.21. ‘Humans and creatures are imbued with technology. That is a word that has taken on a specific meaning in the modern age. I write these words on a computer, with an internet browser on in the background connected via Wi-Fi. We tend to think of these electrical gadgets and services as being the embodiment of technology today.’ Same as my starting point, reference this.

P.77. ‘We excel at the use of tools to extend our reach beyond the limitations of our physical forms.’ Technology!

P.87. ‘With tools, with weapons, even with fashion, we have extended our abilities far beyond those of other animals. While we see some tool use, flashes of the violence that we indulge in, and the merest glimpse of aesthetic choices, the differences are stark. Our cognition and dexterity have given us the wherewithal to manufacture objects of such sophistication that we became obligate tool users, creatures who have been manipulating our environment for so long that we have been utterly dependent on technology for hundreds of thousands of years.’ Good for technology again.


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