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Article Reference: ‘Why Disgust Matters’

Curtis, Valerie. “Why Disgust Matters.” Philosophical Transactions: Biological Sciences, vol. 366, no. 1583, 2011, pp. 3478–3490. JSTOR, Accessed 12 Jan. 2021. P.2. ‘Disgust is used and abused in society, both a force for social cohesion and a cause of prejudice and stigma’ P.2. ‘Disgust impacts on many aspects of our lives, from our individual,Continue reading “Article Reference: ‘Why Disgust Matters’”

Article Reference ‘Evasion of the Body Snatchers’ (Chapter 1 of ‘Don’t Look, Don’t Touch)

P.4. ‘All of the things that people find revolting seemed to have some sort of role to play in the transmission of infectious disease.’ P.6. ‘Those of our distant ancestors who tended to avoid faeces, nasal mucus, and bad smelling food did better on average in the reproduction lottery: they were healthier, mated more often,Continue reading “Article Reference ‘Evasion of the Body Snatchers’ (Chapter 1 of ‘Don’t Look, Don’t Touch)”

Article Reference: ‘The Handy Diabetes Answer Book’ Credo Reference

‘It is thought that there are several reasons for the development of type 1 diabetes, but most of them are debated or still need to be studied.’ ‘According to research and statistics, the body’s autoimmune system can attack a person’s beta cells over months or even years, eventually resulting in type 1 diabetes.’ ‘A personContinue reading “Article Reference: ‘The Handy Diabetes Answer Book’ Credo Reference”

Article Reference: ‘Hacking the Feminist Body’ by Laura Forlano

P.1. ‘these technologies reconfigure definitions around what it means to be human’ P.1. ‘I’m interested in the ways in which these socio-technical systems shape even the most mundane details of everyday life — their politics, materialities and aesthetics — as well as what it means to be human in this context.’ P.2. ‘the digital shapesContinue reading “Article Reference: ‘Hacking the Feminist Body’ by Laura Forlano”

Article Reference: ‘Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology’ by SAGE

Heinemann, L. (2021) ‘Expenditure for the Development of a Medical Device: Much Higher Than Commonly Assumed’, Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, 15(1), pp. 3–5. doi: 10.1177/1932296820986016. P.1. ‘the development of a new medical device has (highly) complex requirements; the path from an idea to a finished product that a patient with diabetes (PwD) canContinue reading “Article Reference: ‘Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology’ by SAGE”

Book Reference: ‘Body in Culture, Technology and Society’ by Chris Shilling

Shilling, C., 2005. The body in culture, technology and society, London: SAGE. P.28. ‘The physical capacities and experiences of individuals, however, suggests that the body plays an independent and essential causal role in the formation of societal phenomena’. p.28. ‘tHE BODY IS AN IMPORTANT SOURCE OF SOCIETY AS A RESULT OF THOSE CAPACITIES AND DISPOSITIONS WHICHContinue reading “Book Reference: ‘Body in Culture, Technology and Society’ by Chris Shilling”

Book Reference: ‘One Dimensional Man’ by Herbert Marcuse

P.6. ‘The brute fact that the machine’s physical (only physical?) power surpasses that of the individual, and of any particular group of individuals, makes the machine the most effective political instrument in any society whose basic organization is that of the machine process.’ the machine is the most effective political instrument.  P.6. ‘But the politicalContinue reading “Book Reference: ‘One Dimensional Man’ by Herbert Marcuse”