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Book Reference: ‘A Manifesto for Cyborgs: Technology, and Socialist Feminism in the 1980s’ by Donna Harraway

P.69. ‘Late twentieth century machines have made thoroughly ambiguous the difference between natural and artificial, mind and body, self-developing and externally-designed, and many other distinctions that used to apply to organisms and machines.’ It’s so hard to tell the difference between cyborg and organic human – whatever ‘cyborg’ is. P.70. ‘Modern machines are quintessentially microelectronicContinue reading “Book Reference: ‘A Manifesto for Cyborgs: Technology, and Socialist Feminism in the 1980s’ by Donna Harraway”

Book Reference: ‘Doing Disability Differently’ by Jos Boys

Routledge. 2014. Oxon P.5. ‘Starting from disability, I suggest, also enables critical and creative engagement with these wider concerns, informing how we work towards making better sense of the world, so that we can act towards improving it.’ Effects: how to improve the situation for disabled people. P.6. On the topic of disability and writingContinue reading “Book Reference: ‘Doing Disability Differently’ by Jos Boys”

Book Reference: ‘Ours to Hack and to Own’ by Trebor Scholz and Nathan Schneider’

2017 OR books. P.14. ‘Words are the tools of my trade as a writer, so I like to have a handle on what they mean. We rely on them so much. They connect us to each other; they remind us of what we’re capable of.’ The meaning of words, good for an endnote.

Article Reference: ‘Stigma: The Experience of Disability’ by Paul Hunt

This is from chapter 12: A Critical Condition P.3. ‘If everyone were disabled as we are, there would be no special situation to consider.’ P.3. ‘This challenge takes five main forms: as unfortunate, useless, different, oppressed and sick.’ P.4. ‘Our lives must be tragically upset and marred for ever, we must be only half alive,Continue reading “Article Reference: ‘Stigma: The Experience of Disability’ by Paul Hunt”

Article Reference: ‘Disabling Imagery and the Media’ by Colin Barnes

P.12. ‘the disabled person is assigned super human almost magical abilities.’ P.12. ‘disabled individuals, especially children, are praised excessively for relatively ordinary achievements’ P12. ‘Daniel Day Lewis -an able-bodied actor.’ – when they cast able bodied actors to play people with impairments.’ P.13. ‘colleges have not recruited disabled students for the acting profession.’ – mayContinue reading “Article Reference: ‘Disabling Imagery and the Media’ by Colin Barnes”

Book Reference: ‘Design Meets Disability’ by Graham Pullin

This has been the MOST helpful resource so far. Pullin so distinctly draws on the impact that technology has on our identity and how other more established technologies clearly changes the way society sees them. E.g. ‘eyewear’ as the prime example. After reading this, I feel much more confident with the area that I amContinue reading “Book Reference: ‘Design Meets Disability’ by Graham Pullin”

Book Reference: ‘Technics and Time, 1: The Fault of Epimetheus’ by Bernard Stiegler

P.1. ‘two classes of body: the inorganic [is] non-living, inanimate, inert; the organic [is] what breathes, feeds, and reproduces; it [is] “inevitably doomed to die”‘ P.2. ‘To these two regions of beings correspond two dynamics: mechanics and biology.’ P.7. ‘The modern age is essentially that of modern technics.’ P.22. ‘To become conscious of contemporary technicalContinue reading “Book Reference: ‘Technics and Time, 1: The Fault of Epimetheus’ by Bernard Stiegler”