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Book Reference: ‘One Dimensional Man’ by Herbert Marcuse

P.6. ‘The brute fact that the machine’s physical (only physical?) power surpasses that of the individual, and of any particular group of individuals, makes the machine the most effective political instrument in any society whose basic organization is that of the machine process.’ the machine is the most effective political instrument. 

P.6. ‘But the political trend may be reversed; essentially the power of the machine is only the stored-up and projected power of man.’ But, its only a built up and stored version of man. Its a reflection of man

P.11. ‘Can one really distinguish between the mass media as instruments of information and entertainment, and as agents of manipulation and indoctrination?’ Hard to distinguish between entertainment and information versus manipulation and political power being used against you

P.11. ‘the extent to which this civilization transforms the object world into an extension of man’s mind and body makes the very notion of alienation questionable.’ We don’t know what it means to be organic anymore. We don’t know what is true and what is false, were so extended, we don’t know where humans begin and where technology and objects end.

P.11. ‘The people recognize themselves in their commodities; they find their soul in their automobile, hi-fi set, split-level home, kitchen equipment. The very mechanism which ties the individual to his society has changed, and social control is anchored in the new needs which it has produced.’ Identity! We identify ourselves with the technology we use

P.30. ‘The machine process in the technological universe breaks the innermost privacy of freedom and joins sexuality and labor in one unconscious, rhythmic automatism-a process which parallels the assimilation of jobs.’

P.158. ‘However, when technics becomes the universal form of material production, it circumscribes an entire culture; it projects a historical totality-a “world.”


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