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Article Reference ‘Evasion of the Body Snatchers’ (Chapter 1 of ‘Don’t Look, Don’t Touch)

P.4. ‘All of the things that people find revolting seemed to have some sort of role to play in the transmission of infectious disease.’

P.6. ‘Those of our distant ancestors who tended to avoid faeces, nasal mucus, and bad smelling food did better on average in the reproduction lottery: they were healthier, mated more often, brought up more children to sexual maturity, and hence had more grandchildren. And these grandchildren, the descendants of the disgusted, were more disgustable themselves—and so on, till the present day, and us.’

P.7. ‘Disgust is a voice in our heads, the voice of our ancestors telling us to stay away from what might be bad for us’

P.16. ‘Humans that deal in wastes become symbolically impure; these castes then have to be kept apart, for fear of social disorder.’


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