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Video Trial

After (semi) finishing the conveyor belt and added mechanisms, I wanted to have a go at getting someone to interact with the contraption and filming the process. My aim before I had made the film reads as follows (from the last blog post)…

I would like the film to show how the individuals intake effects how much fibre they plug in, how much fibre they therefore intake and consequently, how much fibre they plug in for their next bowl. This should hopefully project the idea of a closed-loop system where the user and the mechanism work in tandem, constantly informing the other.

The video works as a trial but ends at that. In order to make a successful film i must plan out exactly what I want to film as this was quite a slap-dash way of filming with my brohter.

On that note, I did really want the user to be someone who this whole project might affect. My brother, being a type 1 diabetic, seemed the perfect person. He reacted well to the mechanism, he took a liking to it and we discussed the implications of this abstract piece of technology. Breaking halfway through to check his blood sugar levels and cursing the interruption, he liked where the project was going.

However, i’m not keen on where this project is at the moment. My goal really is to create a film that really speaks to people who can understand these themes of labour, intensity and closed loop systems. In order to do that, I need to plan this film properly, with help from those who can help best.

I have reached out to those who I had interviewed in the first weeks of writing my context report. I sent them this description and the film and politely asked for their feedback…


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