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Conveyor Belt III

After making the conveyor belt, I began to add the individual mechanisms. Here is the process…

Making ‘fibre tracker’ with 30 holes for 30g fibre intake
Adding full of fibre chia seeds
Making the winding mixer mechanism
Final mixer
Adding flavour mechanism

Sketchbook work
Birds eye view of projected contraption
Final Design

Although having taken much longer than expected, I’ve come away with a fully functioning fibre control mechanism.

I would really like my final film to convey the relationship that individuals have with their diabetes technology; the labour that goes in to using the technology, and the relentlessness of the job at hand. I would like the film to be on a loop to represent how the technology interacts with the body…

Similar to the ‘bread machine’ animation i made, where when the person eats, the speed of the machine slows / speeds up where less / more bread is eaten, affecting the speed of the person’s heart rate, I would like the film to show how the individuals intake effects how much fibre they plug in, how much fibre they therefore intake and consequently, how much fibre they plug in for their next bowl. This should hopefully project the idea of a closed-loop system where the user and the mechanism work in tandem, constantly informing the other.


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