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Editing trials

After making the last film trial, I really wanted to find a style of film and plan the final film properly. One thing i needed to work on was the editing of the film.

I really like the idea of a looping video, a video that plays on repeat seamlessly and transitions into each shot seamlessly.

I had this idea of making a circular table to put all the props round and either standing in the middle with a tripod that spins with the actor on the outside, or the actor on the inside spinning round, using the props while i track them round the table.

Sketches of table

However, making a huge circular table and a rig to track the actor seemed like a huge task, so i began playing with some editing styles instead.

fish eye trials
fish eye trials
fish eye trials

In this first trial, I took a pan of the room and started editing the film to stop at my bue t shirt, and transition into my t shirt. This worked really well, so I started sketching out a similar scene…

Sketches of film edit

In this trial, I got my flatmate to sit in front of a white background so that i could pan from one side to the other, and edit the film so it goes back into itself. This worked really well! It has this illusion of constantly panning 360 degrees when really its just looping back in on itself.

It would now be a good idea to trial this method with objects / interaction with objects and see how that could play out…

Not quite as successful, maybe it’s now a question of being persistent with object to object film editing or background to background (like the previous video)


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