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Out of Body

After making the fibre system, I really wanted to put it to use. I had aimed to make a short video that displayed how the machine works with someone using it effectively. I wanted to make the cuts quite short and sharp so I put it to this quite fast and upbeat tune. It ended up being quite an abstract video instead of a ‘how to’ type of video but I actually really like how it turned out. The mechanism itself (the fibre system) doesn’t actually look / work that well but I think the way i’ve edited it does it a bit more justice.

To explain…

You see the user eating lots of different things. This brings her fibre intake to 21g out of the NRV of 30g. The hearts represent her intake by filling up as she eats. When she goes to plug in to the black device how much fibre she has eaten (21g/30g), you see small circles appear, these represent 1g of fibre. So then she is missing just 9g of fibre, which she plugs into the fibre machine which releases chia seeds into her bowl. She adds milk and coco powder to taste then mixes using the machine. When she eats the 9g of fibre, her intake is complete; the hearts are fulfilled, there’s 30g of fibre, job done.

As a way to show how the fibre system works, i do quite like this style of editing though i’m not sure whether the game style suits it so much. The playful side of it really counts towards what i’m trying to convey. Whether the actual system does this or not i’m not convinced.

I do really want to retrieve the puppet / animatronics side of things, there’s certainly not enough emphasis placed on this at the moment and over the next 4 weeks this is something I really want to crack.


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