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Conveyor belt

After making the first ‘fibre system’ that comprised of a 30g fibre recording contraption, and separate rotating bowl that you would put missing grams of fibre into, to release chia seeds that are full of fibre and additional flavourings that would make up the rest of the 30 grams, I wanted to take the machine to the next level by making a fully functioning conveyor belts that would feed the bowl down a series of mechanisms.

By the end of this, I should hopefully be left with a system that makes up for one’s fibre intake by producing a high in fibre bowl of chia pudding. This system, in a roundabout way, reacts to your body’s needs while making fibre intake a fun and interactive. It will allow the user to feel confident in their need for nutrients while making it an enjoyable experience.

Although seemingly completely unrelated to the experiences a diabetic faces on a day to day basis, I do see carb counting in a similar light to how I see fibre counting for example. It is a mundane task and for a non diabetic, pretty useless. But, with an experience-based contraption like this, hopefully by bringing what goes on inside the body to life, we can begin to see the unpaid and unrewarded ‘micro work’ that diabetics must deal with as a means to exploration in a fun and imaginative way.

Final design
Making initial frame
First cog iteration
Cog and belt iteration
2nd belt iteration using a chain
3rd belt iteration
Designing perfectly fitting chains on illustrator
4th belt iteration with laser cut pieces
Designing cogs on illustrator

laser cut cog

sketchbook work


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