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Conveyor Belt II

This was the original chain that I had made to go round the cogs and act as the belt but unfortunately because of the dowels being different widths, it was taking too much time to sand the dowles down / glue the chains on to the dowels for it to become coherent so I had to think of another way to make the belt.

Using fabric instead, I began to sew pockets on to a long strip of semi-flexible thick fabric. It took a long time as I had to sew 69 pockets with a 1.5cm gap, two times for both straps but I think it would have taken much longer to make the wooden chain.

It was also quite a long process putting the whole thing together as the cogs that I had originally made were not the right size for this new belt. After making a new set of cogs, I realised the width between the cogs needed to be wider and more rounded to be more forgiving to the rigid belt. Luckily the final cogs work really well (4th time lucky).

The final thing!

Now it’s a case of adding the other mechanisms that will sit on top if the conveyor belt and produce the bowl of chia pudding or whether it’s worth just moving on to the next contraption?


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