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Project Review

I absolutely loved the project review, not only was it nice to look back through my own work and see what direction my own project is taking, but it was also amazing to see everyone elses work; to see the diversity in projects and the extent of contexts that ‘design’ spans. I thought everyone’s projects were so well put together and It was fascinating listening to what people are working on at the moment in such an uncertain and isolating period of time.

I was quite nervous to present my work as I wasn’t sure whether I would be ‘up to standard’ with everyone elses work but when I did present, I just thought it was nice to be able to talk about my work to fresh eyes and ears; it made me rethink what my work actually is and how I can go about explaining it. I also really enjoyed putting the presentation together as I could gather all of my work from the past few months and identify the route it had taken.

The feedback I received was really helpful. it was nothing crazy, it was mainly just to keep on making these ‘machines’ / ‘systems’ and to include more of my body in it (something on the lines of using the systems to eat with).

Slides from project review:


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