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Fibre motion continued

  • I made 2 more fibre puppets, lined them up and took a picture each time one of the puppets moved. I moved the furthest puppet away correlating to breakfast, then the middle puppet correlating to lunch then the closest puppet correlating to dinner.
  • I then started to think about how the results could be shown differently. Taking the piece of paper i used to breakdown the fibre into breakfast lunch and dinner, I then decided to give each gram of fibre a different colour from 0-20g of fibre. I made it so that the darkest colours were of the lowest value (1-9) and the lightest colours the highest value (10-20).
  • I then started to think about what I could do with these coloured numbers. The most obvious idea being to paint with them. So, using the very same sheet of numbers that were broken down in to breakfast lunch and dinner, I assembled a colour breakdown next to the numbers so B8-L3-D9 would be blue-purple-blue. I then took these colours and drew a third of a picture of a meal in response to these colours. I ended up with around 12 paintings of the same meal, each broken down into 3 different coloured values of fibre per page.
  • When I put the animation together, I really liked the effect it had but I wanted it to look a little more cohesive so instead of drawing over a meal, I drew over an image of the stomach which I had broken down into 3 segments and painted accordingly.
‘stomach colours’ animation
  1. Again, I was really pleased with how this turned out but my goal now was to think about how to merge the motion of the puppet with the results of the number-colour outcome. My initial thoughts were to attach the utensils of the colour-number trial to the puppet. I drilled a hole through 2 crayons using a screwdriver and replaced the moving wooden easel fingers with it. The goal now is to get it to be able to draw onto something as it moves so you are left with a record of colour according to how much fibre you’ve eaten in one day.
Puppet iteration
Idea for next puppet


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