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Covert Overt

Working with nutrition statistics still, I wanted to look at how to unpack the nutritional information of one meal. This was the unpacking of a pasta dish that included only 6 ingredients yet it unveiled a whole heap of information and values. The video is meant to be a sort of ‘behind the scenes’ video where you can hear all the different elements of each ingredient while on screen, different animations / ways of displaying data are visualised. All in all, the video unveils the complexities behind trying to work out the nutritional information in one meal and how hard this is to visualise.

Some of the methods of collecting and displaying data includes simple graphs on computer as well as the living breathing body, paper ‘flip book’ type animation, stop motion animation that shows the NRV vs the actual intake, and recording data on the body.

These ways of animating were meant to be a rapid response to data collection. Now that I have done this in quite a home-made, slapdash way, i’d like to focus on making a sophisticated means to revealing the movements of the body using inspiration from puppets and animatronics.


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