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Day in the life pt II

I ended up recording my movements, the time, and the songs I was listening to.

Day in the life record

I then took these results one step further by trying to animate them as a 24hr fluctuation in time, movement and genre of music. Time was pretty straightforward, it would be 24 hrs which could be converted into 24 x 60 frame seconds so that 1 second would = 1 hour. To show my movements I made a series of spheres, the smallest sphere representing my desk, the largest sphere representing areas outside of deptford.

Movement spheres

To show what music I was listening to, I thought it would be easiest to show the genre of music I was listening to. So I allocated different colour circles to a different genre… (Damien Hirst rip off here)

Genres of music

I then had to find out how long each song was, what genre it is then add this to adobe animate.

E.g. Funnel of Love by Wanda Jackson = Country = 2 mins (round up / down accordingly). This info was then transferred to adobe animate.


^ So at frame 70 (1 hour and 10 mins = 11:10am), this genre plays for 2 frames representing the 2 minutes of country I listened to at 11:10am.

Here’s the final animation…

Final Outcome


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