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Article reference: ‘Marx and the Machine’

‘Marx argued that in the most significant complex of technical changes of his time, the coming of large scale mechanised production, social relations molded technology, rather than vice versa’ p.473

“the historic mode of production, i.e. the form of society, is determined by the development of the productive forces, i.e. the development technology.” P.475.

” Nor does it suffice to differentiate the tool from the machine on the basis of the power source (human in the case of the former, nonhuman in the case of the latter)’ Technology is not a tool according to marx. It doesn’t matter who uses it; human or non human. It is not a tool p.486

“The machine … is a mechanism that, after being set in motion, performs with its tools the same operations as the worker formerly did with similar tools.”  (marx) p.486.

‘By undermining the position of key groups of skilled workers, by making possible the drawing of new sectors into the labor market, by threatening and generating unemployment,’ p.487.


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