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Film tests 2&3

Having made 4 solid moving contraptions, I then wanted to see how a user could interact with them while capturing it on film. Should the user be shown in it? Should it be more about the objects and the movement of the objects?

I filmed two tests, one with the user in shot and one out and i definitely think the user needs ot be in. After all, this project is about the relationship we as humans have with our medical technology so evidently a human needs to be featured.

The film tests are still not hitting the abstract style that I was hoping for. The user must feature more heavily in it and it they should be more in contact with the contraptions. It needs to represent a sense of intimacy between user and device.

One thing i do like about the films is the continuity and the camera movement, i like how seamless the transition is and this is something i want to keep, i just have to add other elements too now for the film to really reach its full potential.


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