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Article Reference:’Diabetes stigma and its association with diabetes outcomes: a cross-sectional study of adults with type 1 diabetes’ by SJPD

P.855. ‘Stigma entails adverse social judgements about enduring features of identity’ = Definition of stigma

p.855. ‘While the emotional and physical aspects of diabetes are well described, [3], the social aspects of diabetes remain under-researched.’

p.856. ‘A recent narrative review found that people with type 1 diabetes reported stigma by association with type 2 diabetes, blame, negative judgements and stereotyping, exclusion, rejection, and discrimination’

p.860. ‘to reduce diabetes stigma, for instance, increasing public knowledge about the causes of diabetes and increased education to people with diabetes about its management [16]. it is now time to explore and pursue different avenues of interventions’

p.860. ‘While no cure or preventive measure is currently available for type 1 diabetes, the socially produced adverse reactions to type 1 diabetes such as stigma are potentially avoidable.’

p.860. ‘the importance of language used in interactions with and about people with diabetes is increasingly recognised.’


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