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Article Reference: ‘Stigma: The Experience of Disability’ by Paul Hunt

This is from chapter 12: A Critical Condition

P.3. ‘If everyone were disabled as we are, there would be no special situation to consider.’

P.3. ‘This challenge takes five main forms: as unfortunate, useless, different, oppressed and sick.’

P.4. ‘Our lives must be tragically upset and marred for ever, we must be only half alive, only half human. And it is a fact that most of us, whatever our explicit views, tend to act as though such ‘goods’ are
essential to a fully human existence.’
Especially touching on human existence. However, im not really interested in that element. I’m more interested on the effect that the technology has on the human identity. I should probably make this clear in the introduction!

P.9. ‘We can witness to the truth that a person’s dignity does not rest even in his consciousness, and certainly that it does not rest in his beauty, age, intelligence or colour. Those of us with unimpaired minds but severely disabled bodies, have a unique opportunity to show other people not only that our big difference from them does not lessen.’

P.10. ‘our worth but also that no difference between men, however real, unpleasant and disturbing, does away with their right to be treated as fully human.’

P.10. ‘The fourth challenging aspect of our situation follows inevitably from our being different and having minority status. Disabled people often meet prejudice, which expresses itself in discrimination and even oppression.’ oppression. This is what seeing disabled people as different does.

P.14. ‘So they are inclined to avoid those who are sick or old, shying from the disturbing reminders of unwelcome reality.

P.16. ‘We are challenging society to take account of us, to listen to what we have to say, to acknowledge us as an integral part of society itself. We do not want ourselves, or anyone else, treated as second-class citizens and put away out of sight and mind.’ The aim.


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